Adding and improving services: LEV testing

As the leading ductwork cleaning, maintenance and fire damper specialists in the UK, we’re continuously striving to develop our skills in the industry, supporting our clients by providing them with the services they require. We are proud to add a new service to our repertoire – Daniel Colledge, our Regional Surveyor in London and the South East has recently achieved his P601 (initial appraisal, thorough examination and testing of LEV systems) accreditation and is now qualified to offer COSHH LEV testing and thorough examinations in the workplace.

It’s our mission here at Ductbusters to improve the air we breathe in the workplace – working in an environment with machinery, it’s not uncommon to work with pieces of equipment that produce a heavy number of contaminants (i.e dust, vapour, gases and wood shavings.) These pollutants over time can pose serious risks to your health including asthma, lung scarring and even cancer. The best way to ensure a working environment is free from dangerous contaminants is with a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) system – these units come in various shapes and sizes such as fume cupboards, welding bays, grease/kitchen extraction systems and are extremely effective in extracting airborne contaminants in enclosed environments. LEV systems can provide exhaust ventilation for multiple pieces of machinery and work by extracting the contaminated air through ductwork to a unit outside of the building. A fan in the unit creates the airflow, a filter then removes any dust before the exhaust stack releases clean air back into the atmosphere.

LEV systems are manufactured to suit the needs of the machine and its operator, with a specifically designed ‘hood’ to draw any harmful particles away before inhalation. To ensure the system is performing to its intended design specification, COSHH Regulation 9 stipulates that LEV systems need to be examined, tested and maintained by a competent person at regular intervals.

A thorough examination is needed at least every 14 months in accordance with chapter 10 of HSG258 (controlling airborne contaminants at work).

Thousands of people sadly die from dangerous dust inhalation every year in the UK, and it is crucial that companies take the necessary steps to ensure that they have the correct LEV system installed for their equipment and that these systems are maintained correctly to ensure they are fit for purpose.

For enquires or further guidance on LEV or our LEV testing services, please contact our office on telephone number 01215 591555, e-mail us at, or alternatively visit our website for more details:


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