Public & historic buildings

Any civic building or museum can display and store numerous valuable items which are sometimes available to the public to see or use as reference sources.

Maintaining good indoor air quality is often essential to extending the life and maintaining the condition of valuable documents such maps and books not to mention enhancing the working conditions for the staff as well as the comfort conditions for any visitors.

Dust and bacteria can adversely affect the condition of any artefacts being stored. The loss of any such item is often not so much a monetary consideration as the items are unique and to a great extent, priceless.

Ductbusters have the ability to formulate method statements and risk assessments that demonstrate to the client that they have the capability to conduct the work in hand and appreciate the value of the items in storage. This may include partitioning off work areas so that archives can continue to function whilst the project is under way.

Numerous councils have approached Ductbusters regarding concerns about the internal condition of their ventilation systems unsure as to the absolute need for cleaning. In these cases we are able to offer our Risk assessment service which will identify priority cases and if required quote costs for remedial work. This can often be of considerable assistance in establishing a budget for ventilation system cleaning.

Once a project has been identified it will be reassuring to know that the work can be undertaken at a time to cause the minimum amount of disruption which includes evenings, weekends and public holidays.

We are happy to offer FREE advice on any potential ductwork cleaning project you may have by way of a visit from one of our team of experienced Surveyors. Please click on our Site Survey page.

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