Battersea Power Station: Case Study

As the number one major independent provider of ductwork maintenance, we are committed to ensuring the air we breathe is clean and safe whilst continuing to deliver our expertise. It is imperative that any premises with ductwork installed maintains clean and obstruction-free pipework to enable air flow, ultimately reducing the risk of air contamination and fire – something that is especially important in high-risk environments.

Back in August last year, E&S Heating & Ventilation Ltd approached us with a challenge. They were currently working on a project on the iconic Grade II listed Battersea Power Station. They called upon our expertise to help deal with this difficult situation, which required specialist skills and experienced engineers. Water standing in ductwork poses a serious risk to health and safety if left.

Extraction of water and the necessary cleaning and maintenance after is essential to ensure that the ductwork functions perfectly after our team are finished.

With a high risk of bacterial contamination, it was important the extraction of water from the duct was managed promptly and professionally. Liaising with E&S, our engineers quickly set to work to remove any sitting water in the unit to ensure the duct was safe and once again compliant with TR/19 specification.

Our task was clear – drain any sitting water in the duct and guarantee the cleanliness of the channel thereafter. We faced complications due to the awkward location of the conduits, posing an interesting challenge for our engineers! Using submersible pumps, we were able to feed the vacuums into the ducts and drain any sitting water.

Our engineers quickly overcame the location issues by constructing a makeshift pipeline to carry the water from the basement up to a drainage position at ground level, ensuring the water was contained to the ductwork and pipeline only. We were able to finalise the clean and guarantee the sanitation of the duct with a final dry wipe down and vacuum clean – this ensured the duct was free of any remaining dust and debris and was TR/19 compliant.

After the successful extraction of water and debris from the duct, the area was once again a safe and contamination free. We are proud to have collaborated with E&S on various successful projects, including the Battersea Power Station project last year.

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