BS9999:2017 Ductbusters Now Cleans Fire Dampers

Professional KitchenAs the leading independent ductwork cleaning company, we constantly strive to ensure we are operating at the highest standards of ductwork maintenance. In line with this, we have been working to expand the services we undertake so we can provide the best possible standards in our ductwork.

In this case, we have further improved our services with fire dampers – we not only test fire dampers but we now clean them. As the British Standard updates its regulations, we continue to improve our range of services to ensure companies are in line with them.

Fire Dampers are an excellent way to help ensure health and safety regulation, especially regarding fire safety. In the event of a fire, fire dampers will stop or impede the progression of a fire through ductwork.

It’s important that fire dampers are tested and cleaned – if a fire damper is installed wrong (as we have found in some cases), this nullifies the purpose in them and can make a fire more dangerous (as you would underestimate the spread of the fire.) Similarly, if fire dampers aren’t cleaned, this can also affect how well they function and how effective they will be at stopping a fire.

Fire dampers degrade over time, especially when poorly maintained. They also degrade quickly when exposed to a lot of pollutants – you may have a failing fire damper in your building and not even know about it!

Fire dampers protect from fire passively by preventing the spread of fire. They can be installed in heating, ventilation and air conditioning and are useful in a range of buildings, no matter the size, from a small fast food restaurant to a large hospital.

For enquires or further guidance on fire dampers services, please contact our office on telephone number 01215 591555, e-mail us at, or alternatively visit our website for more details:

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