Case Study: Ductbusters Saves the Day

Our customer, Warner Bros Studios based in Hertfordshire, deals with several exciting and cutting edge film and media projects daily which put strain on the studio facilities. One such project involved the filming of a mainstream music video involving pyrotechnics and smoke effects. Ductbusters received an emergency call following a complicated pyrotechnic stunt-gone-wrong which had soiled and damaged the ductwork.

As a result of this damage, work could not continue on the project or within the building – potentially having a detrimental effect on the wider business. Ductbusters summarised the emergency nature of this particular request, acting in kind. Recognising that time was of the essence, Ductbusters re-scheduled labour quickly and efficiently from a long-running job, distributing two trusted engineers the following day for a visual assessment and maintenance.

The engineers thoroughly cleaned the smoke damaged ductwork, providing before-and-after documentation for the customer. This rapid-response maintenance allowed re-opening of the studio and enabled access to a clean and safe working environment for both customers and staff working at the studios.

David Edwards, Facilities Maintenance Manager at Warner Bros studios said of Ductbusters’ service: “Ductbusters responded professionally and quickly, which was a good thing as we would not have been able to continue work in the studio had this problem not been rectified. I would recommend Ductbusters based on their impeccable response-time alone.”

Ductbusters are the ductwork cleaning, maintenance and fire damper specialists in the UK. Since its inception, Ductbusters has been of service to all sizes of organisation from the smallest fast food restaurant to major UK Hospital projects. Within this range of premises, we can clean and refurbish all types of ventilation systems. Contact us today on 0800 085 0403 to discuss.

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