Case Study: Queen Mary University of London, Halls of Residence

Ductbusters were recently called upon by Claremore Mechanical Services Ltd, a company with whom we have worked for several years and have a great working partnership with on many projects. We were called out to Queen Mary University of London, right in the heart of the capital, to assist with a major extraction cleaning project on several halls of residence.

We were asked to perform kitchen extract cleaning on halls of residence and all the student kitchens contained within. In addition, we were asked to replace 20 grease filters within these kitchens. As the university is now on summer break for the majority of students, there is only a very small window of a few weeks each year to get all the vital cleaning tasks such as these completed before the new term begins in September. At Ductbusters we understand the need to complete tasks within a strict time frame and were able to get the task in hand completed well in advance.

Kitchen extract cleaning requires the removal of materials that have built up over their use, primarily grease in this instance. Ductbusters are well accustomed to dealing with greasy and flammable materials such as this, so cleaning the ductwork and extract fans posed no challenge out of the ordinary. Student kitchens themselves are very small and experience heavy use due to the number of people sharing the kitchen, so having the kitchen extract systems cleaned is vital before any new students arrive to ensure proper fire safety regulations, as well as a more pleasant living environment. We performed a thorough clean of all the ventilation systems, including cooker hoods, ventilation hoses, riser ventilation, and kitchen extracts, removing all greasy materials and ensuring they are safe to use once again.

Ductbusters were pleased with the result, with all the halls of residence kitchens being cleaned to our usual high standards, and all grease filters replaced ready for the upcoming September intake of students. Ductbusters worked across five different halls of residence, each with varying numbers of kitchens and floors, but we were able to complete all in good time and ensure everything is ready for September. Having worked with Claremore Mechanical Services for many years now, it’s always a pleasure to be called back to work with them on specialist cleaning projects such as this.

Llewellyn Kerr, Operations Manager of Claremore Mechanical Services, said “We are always pleased with the quality of the completed works and especially the professional mannerism in how the tasks are undertaken. Ductbusters have always approached our works with a positive attitude; from the cleaning of a simple window fan to the cleaning and sanitizing of major catering canopies and extensive duct runs. In addition, the same approach is adopted when cleaning bathroom extract fans ranging from wall and window fans to communal bathroom extract and ductwork systems throughout high rise tower blocks.

The university was especially pleased with the way in which the work was planned and scheduled, which incorporated working with and around some of the students. More important the client was thrilled with the results from cleaning as they thought that many of the existing canopies would have to be replaced.

Our relationship with Ductbusters is one of trust and understanding on both sides, which helps to achieve positive results for all our clients.”


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