Changing room ventilation and hygiene – Why it matters

Changing rooms, particularly for gyms and swimming pools, are difficult areas to maintain to a healthy and hygienic standard because they are filled with heat, damp and steam, an unholy trio which can cause all kinds of problems. Whether your premises offers saunas, showers, pool or even simple air conditioning and heating, all of these facilities are a mixture of moisture and air, which can lead to serious problems with your ventilation systems if they aren’t maintained or cleaned properly throughout the year.

Extract ventilation systems can help minimise the negative impact on the property by removing unwanted contaminants and whisking them away. However, if your ventilation system isn’t working as it should, you won’t be able to rely on it to protect your premises. Ventilation systems will help keep your property a healthy, hygienic place, not to mention making it much more pleasant for your customers to use and enjoy on their visits.

Ventilation fans serve an important function by removing excess humidity, which can cause mould and mildew to form. To make sure your fans are in good working order, clean and test them every six months. A good extract ventilation system will help to get rid of the steam and remove the moisture from the air, but there’s a limit to what it can do if it’s not working at its full potential – namely, if it needs mechanical maintenance or an industrial clean.

If you notice that mould spots or mildew are starting to creep along the walls or between tiles, it may be a good indicator that your ventilation system needs a bit of TLC. Mould and mildew, especially black mould, can be a serious health issue, especially in a place such as a swimming pool changing room, which is likely to be frequented by children. Not only does it pose a potentially serious health risk, it spoils the environment that your customers are there to use and enjoy.

Clogged vents or build-up of bacteria within the ducts can result in a fan which is noisy and inefficient. This build-up of bacteria can be extremely harmful to health and in places which serve many people, such as gym or swimming pool changing rooms, it can very quickly spread.

To keep your changing rooms to a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene, a good extraction ventilation system that is well serviced and up to date will help prevent bacteria and mould growth, as well as keep the air clean and fresh throughout the building. This will help prevent that ‘muggy’ feeling in changing rooms, as well as help inhibit mould and mildew growth by making it harder for it to grow.

Ductbusters can keep your premises a healthy and safe space for people to enjoy. We can provide ductwork cleaning of your existing system, perform maintenance on any ventilation or extraction systems, and even offer a ventilation risk assessment to help you make sure you’re meeting health and safety guidelines.

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