Dermott Quinn to Retire as Ductbusters’ CEO

Dermott Quinn founded Ductbusters 23 years ago in 1996. At the time, the organisation was simply comprised of a small collection of skilled individuals who had identified a niche in the market. Dermott has recently announced that he is stepping down from his position as CEO, following his decades of service.

Dermott’s drive for founding Ductbusters came from his experience in manufacturing, installing, and repairing heavy ventilation systems. From there, he identified that, while plenty of organisations could install ductwork, no one was aware of the necessity for cleaning and maintenance in particular.

One of Ductbusters’ first contracts was for the cleaning and maintaining of ductwork at Handy Cross Leisure Centre for Wycombe Council. The work was thoroughly examined by the local council estates engineer on a daily basis, the quality making a firm foundation for Ductbusters’ current reputation of achieving an exceptionally high standard of finish.

Since then, Ductbusters has progressed to contracts with 10 Downing Street, Her Majesty’s Royal Palaces, NHS and private hospitals, restricted defence locations, high street retail, cruise ships Dermott - Ductbusters CEOand local businesses.

Ductbusters is now the largest privately-owned ventilation services company in the U.K., and services thousands of locations and businesses every year.

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of his years of service, Dermott replied:

“The friendships of clients who have been with Ductbusters from the start, the lovely, lovely people who were and are employed by Ductbusters and all the interesting people that we deal with on a day-to-day basis.”

Taking the reigns following Dermott’s departure will be Gemma Quinn, Dermott’s daughter. Gemma has an extensive history within Ductbusters and has recently overseen the opening of the new Southern Branch, Ductbusters (Southern) Ltd.

As Ductbusters continues to grow, Gemma and the team will be leading a continued expansion, taking the company further than was ever foreseen in 1996.

For Dermott, the future happily holds plenty of golf, cruises and time spent with his grandchildren.

Please join us in wishing Dermott a happy retirement.

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