Ductbusters Fire Damper Testing

Fire dampers are designed to stop fire spreading throughout ductwork, floors and ceilings. If there is a fire in your building, the fire dampers will close, preventing the fire spreading from one area to another. However in order to ensure they do their job properly, your fire dampers need to be regularly tested and maintained.

In order to carry out a fire damper test, you need to have undergone training and gained a certification of competence.

The British Standard BS 9999 requires all businesses to have their fire dampers tested by a ‘competent person’ at least every two years. If you have spring operated fire dampers in your ductwork, you will need to make sure they are tested every year or more frequently if they are installed in an area that experience a lot of dust contamination.

Here at Ductbusters we specialise in ductwork cleaning and fire damper drop testing. If you need your fire dampers testing, we will send out one of our ducting experts to inspect the conditions of your fire dampers and carry out a drop test to check that they are working properly. Our fire damper drop tests comply with BS 5588-9 code of practice for ventilation and air conditioning ductwork and BS 9999.

How is fire damper testing carried out?    
Once we arrive at your site, we will locate all of the fire dampers in your building. We will then ensure that we are able to access each damper and will cut access doors if required. Our next job will be to number each damper with test point labels; this is essential for accurately recording the condition of each fire damper and ensuring that none are missed.

We will then clean, lubricate, drop test and reset each damper to ensure it is in a good condition and able to carry out its job of blocking a fire from spreading through your ventilation system.

If we find that there are any problems with your fire dampers operation or that any of their parts appear to be damaged, we will report them to you so you can arrange to have them replaced. In order to comply with BS 9999 you need to ensure that all faulty parts of your fire dampers are replaced immediately.

After we have carried out the fire damper drop test, we will provide you with a written report of all our findings and recommendations along with photographic evidence. If required we can also help you come up with a maintenance plan to ensure you are complying with BS 9999 by having your fire dampers maintained at regular intervals.

Fire damper testing from our trained team
As mentioned before, BS 9999 requires all businesses to have their fire dampers tested by a ‘competent person.’ Every member of the Ductbusters team has the necessary certification to prove that they are competent in testing fire dampers and work in compliance with the regulations.

For more information about our fire damper testing, please contact Ductbusters on 0800 085 0403 or by using the email form on our contact page.


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