Ductbuster’s first female ductwork engineer, Elle

Elle, our first female ductwork engineer

At Ductbusters we’re firm believers in equality and equal opportunities for all. With Gemma Quinn as our Managing Director, we know the benefits of a strong female workforce certainly, and that’s why we were delighted to recently take on our first female ductwork engineer, Elle. Elle joins us as a junior ductwork engineer and in her short time with us, she’s already made a big impact on the team and become a key member of our ductwork engineering crew.


As our first female ductwork engineer, we asked Elle for her insight into the industry of ductwork engineering and what it’s like working for Ductbusters.


1. What attracted you to becoming a ductwork engineer?

People take the air we breathe for granted, which is understandable given that we all need it. We often forget that buildings like hospitals and offices need a regular supply of clean air to maintain good health for staff and the public too. I wanted to be a part of a team that works to ensure that the public has access to safe, clean air. In knowing this, I know I’m helping make a difference, and knowing I’ve done my part for the public gives me great job satisfaction.


2. What aspects do you enjoy most about your work?

I definitely enjoy the challenges and variety of the work here at Ductbusters; every job is challenging, and every job is different. When I go to a job, it’s often like going into the unknown, you never know what you’re up against. It’s up to you to get the right solution and deliver a great result for the customer.


3. Do you ever find it difficult being the only female ductwork engineer?

No, I don’t find it difficult because everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Whether you’re a man or woman it’s all down to teamwork, and there are parts that I can do which some people can’t and vice versa. It’s also really great to work for a company that has a female Managing Director; you can tell Ductbusters are all about opportunities for everyone.


4. What would you say to a young woman considering a career in ductwork engineering, or any other male-dominated field?

I’d say go for it! If it’s something you want to do and are enthusiastic about, those are more important things than worrying about whether more men or women work in that field. The world is full of opportunities and women are fully capable of doing jobs that men can do!


At Ductbusters we’re delighted to have Elle joining our team – and we’re still hiring for more engineers too! If you think a career in ductwork engineering could be right for you, or if you’re an experienced ductwork engineer looking for a new opportunity, contact Ductbusters today: https://ductbusters.co.uk/were-hiring/

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