Ductbusters’ Second Annual Golf Day a Resounding Success.

On Wednesday 25th May, Ductbusters Ltd held their second annual Ductbusters Golf Day. The venue was once again Harborne Golf Club where Dermott Quinn (CEO of Ductbusters Ltd) is proud to be a member.

Located in central Birmingham, Harborne Golf Club is home to a 6210 yard 18-hole parkland course with excellent challenges for both low and high handicap golfers.

This year’s event was aimed around bringing Ductbusters closest clients together and thanking them for the years of working with Ductbusters. The event also ties in fundraising for a charity close to the Ductbusters hearts. The Charity of choice this year is Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

The day was a perfect for golf with no wind or rain, only a slightly overcast sky disappointing what is a beautiful parkland course. Set in the heart of Birmingham the tucked away course did a perfect job of hiding the bustling city skyline.

Golf Day

Upon arrival I was greeted by the friendly faces of the Ductbusters crew, all clad in their familiar red polo shirts, I was handed a goody bag in one hand and a bacon sandwich in the other. Perfect, although the goody bag contained a set of golf balls and a ball retriever, a hidden message I wonder?

I was lucky enough to be placed in a team with Dermott himself and knew I could count on his in-depth knowledge of the course alongside two very good players in Simon and William to know I would have a good round (by my standards anyway).

The course looked beautiful, a mix of hills and trees set a challenging yet interesting course, each green decorated with a Ductbusters branded flag. Having played at a few top courses across the UK and Ireland I have to say that Harborne has been one of the most enjoyable I have set foot on. We stepped onto the first tee to kick off the day, Nerves were high but Team one set a good precedent with 4 good straight drives down the fairway setting up some nice approach shots. All four team members scored with the top two scores being taken for the team score. This first tee set the stage for the rest of the round with Dermott’s savvy knowledge and the experience of the team leading to a solid round with some good scores coming in on each hole.

Ductbusters Team

The Ductbusters team ran a superb golf day with a member of the team traveling around the course providing refreshments when needed and making sure everyone is accommodated for. Upon returning to the club after the 18th we were greeted in the lovely modern member’s clubhouse by the team and submitted our scores. We then eagerly awaited the other participating golfers to return before sitting down to the excellent meal provided. The food was sublime and the atmosphere was in good spirits with plenty of jokes being passed table to table. Dermott provided the words of thanks for all attending and informed us of the chosen charity for the event which was Birmingham Children Hospital, a worthy cause that is close to the Ductbusters hearts. Following the winners’ announcements (Surprising to say we didn’t win!), the raffle began. This proved to be very entertaining with a set of golf balls being auctioned off for £30 in good faith!

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