Ductwork cleaning and WELL buildings

At Ductbusters, we know the value that clean air can bring to a building. A well-ventilated building with plenty of clean air provides a healthy environment for all who use and access it. Poor ventilation can lead to health problems, a polluted environment (from smoke, toxins, or other pollutants) and generally low standards of well-being.

A key part of maintaining a good clean air supply to a building is by having your ductwork appropriately checked, maintained and cleaned on a regular basis by an expert company like Ductbusters. Clean air has become such a mark of importance for health and well-being in buildings in recent years, that the WELL certification for buildings includes Air as one of its eight key factors for achieving certification.

What is WELL?

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WELL is the premier standard in certifications for buildings, indoor spaces and communities who want to support and advance health and wellness among the users and occupants of the spaces. The WELL certification is measured on eight factors: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort, Mind, and Innovation. Each of these factors has multiple categories that must be achieved to gain the WELL certification. The eight factors themselves are designed to work in harmony to help achieve the ideal environment that promotes optimum health and well-being in buildings around the world.

Some of the categories under Air include: Ventilation effectiveness, air filtration, microbe and mould control, moisture management, and air quality standards. There are a total of 29 categories for Air, and all of these categories can be achieved or aided by having properly installed ductwork that is well maintained and cleaned throughout its lifetime. Ductbusters specialise in ensuring these categories and more are met when we are carrying out ductwork cleaning or site surveying, as we put a strong emphasis on health and well-being within our business.

With large, multiple-occupancy buildings like offices, care homes and high-rise flats becoming more common, WELL’s mission statement has been resounding more firmly with building contractors, and many now aim towards this as the industry standard. Such attention to the health and wellness of a building is a great step forwards in ensuring everyone has a pleasant and healthy space to work or live in.

How Ductbusters can help

When ductwork is properly installed and correctly maintained, it can hugely contribute towards the health and well-being of the building and its occupants. Improperly installed ductwork often means ventilation is poor or ineffective, and can pose serious health problems due to the build-up of particles like mould or grease, and cannot function properly in the event of a fire.

At Ductbusters, we want to help you get your ductwork right from the very beginning, which is why we offer a free site survey to help you plan your ductwork and ventilation. We also provide only highly trained ductwork engineers to clean and maintain ductwork, all of whom are trained at our on-site facility, so you can be assured that our teams are working at the highest standards.

If you’re a building contractor or owner working towards a WELL certification for a building, contact Ductbusters today and see how we can help: http://ductbusters.co.uk/

To find out more about WELL certification, please visit: https://www.wellcertified.com/

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