Employee Spotlight – Hayley Arnold, Operations Manager

Our daily work at Ductbusters requires the dedication of a specialised team, ensuring our operations run as they should and that customers receive the service they deserve.

Our Operations Manager, Hayley Arnold, is a relatively new addition to the team but one without whom our work would be a lot harder.

We took a few minutes to ask Hayley about her new role:


What skills do you bring to your new role?

“Organisation and prioritisation are key skills that I have brought so far! Problem-solving is beginning to become handy – I do love a to-do list!”

What does your role as Operations Manager entail?

“I currently help and support the management team and helpfully relieve some of the pressure from our MD! Over time, my role will evolve and help the management team develop their departments and own skill sets.”

How does your work help Ductbusters’ clients?

“My involvement helps the client experience, with processes and procedures in place minimal mistakes should occur. Mistakes do happen, however, we learn and welcome the opportunity to improve our service.”

What do you enjoy most about your new role?

“The variety. Every day is different and each project brings its own unique challenges. It’s interesting to learn new things, which so far is happening on a daily basis!”

Have you had any particularly interesting cases or incidents since working with Ductbusters?

“Not yet, but I’m sure they’ll come!”


To find out what Hayley and the Ductbusters team could do for you, click here.

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