Employee Spotlight – Sarah Cooksey


Our Business Development Officer, Sarah Cooksey, has demonstrated herself to be a vital member of the Ductbusters team. Her work ensures that Ductbusters continues to grow, allowing it to be the industry-leading organisation it is. We took a moment to question Sarah about her work:


What most excites you about your new role?  

“I am most excited about the opportunity to achieve and exceed the business’ targets as well as the ability to see potential customers converted to becoming customers.”


Take us through a working day for you?

“My day consists of actioning emails in my inbox and our office’s dedicated inbox, processing orders and coordinating jobs. Further to this, I also follow-up all my calls set, which is where quotes are sent and subsequently noted on the system accordingly. Amongst this, I take incoming telephone enquiries and coordinate bookings for our surveyors to survey sites.”


What skills do you bring to your new role?

“I specialise in having a keen eye for detail, and I am persistent and patient (most of the time!) and, crucially to my new role, I feel I am organised.”


How does your work help Ductbusters’ clients?

“Through me, customers know they have a personal contact who they can rely on to get the ball rolling, and I am someone who will get back to them with answers and options for their needs.”


To get in touch with Sarah and the team to discuss your ductwork and ventilation requirements, click here.


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