Ennerdale Leisure Centre: A Case Study

Ennerdale Leisure Centre, in Hull, is a much-loved focal point of the local community. Saved from closure by local residents less than a decade ago, the centre is currently undergoing a £1.76 m regeneration project.

As part of this, the centre’s electrical and mechanical services are being renewed, with upgrades planned for the filtration, ventilation and cold-water systems. In addition, the reception area, fitness gym, studio and sauna will all be regenerated, and new disabled changing facilities added.

Ductbusters were contracted to perform work on behalf of GW Power-Safe, a mechanical and electrical system (M&E) engineering services company.

On this occasion, Ductbusters was required to conduct the cleaning of supply and extract ductwork across five areas of the leisure centre, including the wet change, sauna, concourse, dry change and public toilets.

As specialists in our field, we are able to undertake a broad range of work in specialised environments such as leisure centres, where damp atmospheres created by pools and spas place additional demands on ventilation equipment.

This cleaning work will ensure that the centre’s ductwork is safe and effective moving forward. Ductwork cleaning is essential to maintaining air quality within any building.

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