Have a clean and safe Christmas kitchen

During the festive time of year, many businesses become busier, but perhaps none more so than kitchens. Restaurants of all sizes may find themselves booked up with Christmas celebrations, family meals, New Year parties and more. All of this means restaurant and commercial ki tchens suddenly find themselves working harder and longer hours – generating more grease and debris as a result. This then builds up in your kitchen extraction systems, where if left, it poses a serious risk as a fire hazard and as a danger to food hygiene and general health and safety too.

Kitchens of all sizes can become busy in the festive season


A kitchen fire or damning visit from the hygiene or fire inspector is a disaster at any time of year, but particularly during the festive period. An out of action kitchen at this critical time for businesses could be devastating, and employees may be out of work while the kitchens are repaired or brought up to standard. To avoid any unfortunate scenarios happening at this important time of year for trade, getting ahead with your kitchen ductwork cleaning can help ensure peace of mind when it comes to kitchen fires. Having the extraction system down as a regular maintenance item could also save on costly replacement work and will also reduce the risk of any health and safety incidents.




Health and safety legislation means that hotels and restaurants need to keep their extractor systems clean from both a food hygiene and fire risk perspective. That means a regular deep clean of the fatty and smoky deposits which build up in all extractor ductwork, no matter how good the filtering. For a kitchen running 12 hours a day or longer, a quarterly cleaning schedule is recommended, while those with less use require only six-monthly, or an annual clean if used for less than six hours a day. No matter how much use your kitchen gets, ensuring that your kitchen ventilation ductwork is properly cleaned and safe for use is an essential task. Ensuring your kitchen is clean and safe before the start of this busy period can help ensure a smooth running of business and trade with no health and safety hold-ups when it comes to ductwork and ventilation.

Leave your kitchen extract ductwork cleaning to the experts at Ductbusters. We are able to handle greasy substances in ducts and we can work ‘out of hours’ to minimise disruption to your business and staff at this time. All of our engineers have experience with kitchen equipment and have can ensure the best health and safety practices in the kitchen. Contact us today and book your ventilation cleaning. 

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