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Here at Ductbusters, we provide clients with a diverse range of services that help to improve the quality of the air in a broad spectrum of establishments. Because of the versatile nature of the projects, we  complete; it’s important that we have an extensive and detailed knowledge base to call upon. We generally  know what a contract is going to require but we are always aware of the possibility of change when we get there. Sometimes it’s a job for industrial strength cleaners and equipment; other occasions require a more delicate hand and a little finesse. We hold ourselves, and our workforce, to incredibly high training standards. All of this is done to ensure an outstanding quality of service, no matter what situation we find ourselves in.


Ductwork cleaning involves the removal of debris, which may accumulate as a normal build-up from the internal surfaces of ductwork systems. If left without cleaning this debris will collect and transmit particles of bacteria and dust, which is both hazardous to health and unsightly. Ductwork and the maintenance, testing and cleaning of fire dampers are more complicated than it seems, and it is essential that those carrying it out are completely up-to-date on the latest health, safety, and technical standards. Our dedication to training ensures that all work done keeps you, your employees, and your clients safe and healthy.


At Ductbusters, our priority is giving you the essential services you need, at the exceptional standards you deserve, to ensure your business always runs at peak efficiency. To do this, we make certain that all site operatives working for Ductbusters are accredited Green Book workers. This means that all of our workforce has either completed or in the process of training to the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) Green Book training scheme.

The BESA Green Book training programme has been providing training in the building engineering services sector for over twenty-five years. Their dedicated training programmes ensure that employees are trained to the highest possible standards of technical and safety expertise. The BESA acts as an accreditor of qualifications in our industry, setting the standards of excellence where training is concerned. They offer courses, training certificates, as well as apprentice training. They also monitor the training schemes run by others in the industry. Ductbusters were one of the original companies to encompass the training facilities within BESA. The original HVCA (BESA) was instrumental in ensuring that not only the operatives were trained correctly but they also


Ductbusters Ltd are proud to have the highest “Green Book” Trained operatives currently in the UK.

introduced the “Train the Trainer” courses to ensure that Management were also trained to an exceptional level!


Did you know that poorly maintained fire dampers could be rendered completely obsolete in the event of a fire? Furthermore, kitchen extractors that are neglected will begin harbouring bacteria, and ventilation systems that aren’t serviced can lead to the spread of airborne viruses throughout a building.

Whether it’s making sure the fire dampers in your hospital are installed correctly, perfecting the extraction system in your kitchen, or devising an entirely bespoke approach for your business’ needs; our team is so firmly grounded in excellent training that we are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

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