How Clean Is Your Evening Venue? Why the Air Your Customers Breathe Is as Important as Your Cocktail Menu.

Lady working behind barIn a fast-paced world of city networking and midweek business lunches, glamorous cocktails bars and stylish restaurants are now the norm, especially in busy urban environments.

As with all lively indoor tourist attractions, restaurants and workplace premises, it’s essential to maintain a healthy flow of air throughout the building. Good airflow ensures a clean and safe environment for both staff and visitors – this becomes even more important in hot and busy environments, such as bars and nightclubs.

Air ventilation systems can quickly become clogged with everyday grease and grime – as with kitchens, this accumulation is heightened by an increase in heat and perspiration. Bars and nightclubs are particularly at risk of this, as they attract large crowds, especially in the cooler evenings.

Alongside the large crowds, some nightclubs can be located in particularly high-risk areas – underground, for example. In these buildings, appropriate ventilation is paramount, to ensure a safe environment for partygoers and staff, whilst reducing the risk of fire.

With evening venues often using entertainment enhancement equipment such as haze, fog and smoke machines – evening venue environments can quickly become overwhelmed with humid temperatures and poor visibility. Appropriate ventilation will ensure a good circulation of air, also aiding a calmer atmosphere overall.

It’s not just guest’s business owners need to consider when installing extraction systems – inadequate ventilation can also have a significant impact on staff – poor air conditions can cause long-term health effects such as the development of asthma, or even cancer.

Unbeknownst to many, the quality of air can also have a significant impact on the facilities of an evening venue. With exposed pipework and chic urban décor a preference for many day-to-night venues nowadays, stripped-back industrial settings can quickly depreciate if good air quality is not maintained. Exposed copper can quickly become tarnished and dull for example, resulting in extra and unexpected refurbishment costs down the line.

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