Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Want to keep your kitchen clean? At Ductbusters, our deep cleaning services can help.

Our engineers and surveyors are experts when it comes to cleaning kitchen extracts. Furthermore, they have the expertise to improve the health and safety of your kitchen.

Why should you keep your kitchen clean? A clean kitchen can:

  • Firstly, improve the hygiene and safety in your kitchen
  • Secondly, help you comply with BESA rules for insurance and health purposes
  • Finally, improve your food hygiene ratings from the Food Standards Agency

At Ductbusters, we know the importance of following HSE food hygiene regulations. Additionally, it is equally important that you keep on top of the ventilation cleanliness. For health and fire safety reasons.


Deep Cleaning Services

If you want to improve health and safety in your kitchen, our deep clean services are a great investment. Our deep cleaning services can improve your:

  • Fire safety
  • Food hygiene
  • Customer and staff health

Thanks to our knowledge, you can count on Ductbusters as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for kitchen deep cleaning services. Also, to assess your ductwork and kitchen, we can carry out surveys of your establishment – equipment, walls, floors and ceiling surfaces. Furthermore, we can then create a plan of recommendations for cleaning and fire safety requirements.

When it comes to kitchen cleaning, fire safety and hygiene go hand-in-hand.

One cause of kitchen fires is a build-up of grease in the extract ventilation systems. Often, kitchen owners forget to keep their ventilation systems clean.

By regularly cleaning your ductwork with Ductbusters, you can ensure the cleanliness of your ducts. Moreover, your ducts will be free from grease, reducing the risk of a fire. Additionally, a cleaner duct enables more effective ventilation and extraction.

Moreover, at Ductbusters, we can perform fire damper drop testing on your building. This allows us to assess the areas of your kitchen that require work.

We make it simple at Ductbusters, and by having your kitchen surveyed by us and an assessment produced, we can identify any and all problem areas quickly and professionally to rectify the situation and ensure that your business premises are functioning at their best when it comes to fire safety and hygiene regulations.


Contact Ductbusters today for a site survey of your kitchen and see how we can help improve your kitchens:

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