Why Your Kitchen Extracts Need Cleaning Before Christmas

Kitchen extracts, from domestic to commercial, perform a vital function within every kitchen, removing dust, grease and smells. In use, however, kitchen extract systems as a whole become extremely dirty, posing risks to life if left for too long without cleaning.

At Ductbusters, we would recommend that prior to the busy Christmas period, which affects nearly all kitchens including domestic, homeowners and building managers undertake a professional kitchen extract cleaning.

The Dangers of Dirty Kitchen Extracts

During normal use, no matter how intense or not, kitchen extract systems collect particulates and grease. This collected material is the primary risk posed by poorly maintained extracts. However, overtime extract systems may also become damaged and suffer ruptures and leakages.kitchen extract cleaning

Collected material within extract systems and the ducts that feed them poses a risk for a number of reasons. Primary among these is the risk of fire.

Extract fires are typically caused by sparks or heated material rising into the extract system and landing in or making contact with collected debris. This debris then combusts, causing a fire within the extract system itself.

This is how 70% of all commercial kitchen fires start and is especially dangerous as extract fires are particularly difficult to detect and to extinguish, enabling them to tear through portions of buildings before they are even detected.

In densely populated buildings such as hospitals and care homes, this poses additional risk thanks to the concentration and immobility of the occupants, making evacuation and fire brigade access more difficult.

Building Operator Responsibilities

Building owners and operators have a legal responsibility to ensure ventilation, including kitchen extracts, is kept in a safe and functional condition.

Not only will owners, operators and landlords place themselves at risk of legal action from occupants, but, in the case of a fire, for example, they also risk voiding their insurance. Many insurance providers won’t pay out if they cannot be provided with records of regular and professional extract servicing and cleaning.

The Positives of Effective Ductwork Maintenance

In contrast to the dangers of improper ductwork maintenance, there is a list of positive effects which should in themselves be enough to drive individuals in question to undertake effective cleaning and maintenance.

By ensuring kitchen extracts and relevant ductwork are cleaned, employers make a major and demonstratable step towards protecting employee safety and wellbeing. This, in turn, can be a boost to employee happiness and comfort.

Employers and building operators also ensure that they are taking the necessary action to comply with relevant legal guidelines. For example, a kitchen that is running 12 hours a day or longer is recommended to undertake extract system cleaning on quarterly basis.


At Ductbusters, we provide leading quality ventilation and ductwork cleaning services, utilising our team of highly-qualified team of expert engineers.Vacancies at Ductbusters

To learn more about the professional and thorough cleaning of kitchen extracts before the busy Christmas period, contact Ductbusters today.


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