LEV Examination at East End Foods: Case Study

As one of the leading providers of ductwork maintenance, we are dedicated to maintaining health and safety standards.

Ductbusters were called in earlier this year to carry out a LEV examination on behalf of Vantage Industrial Equipment for a food/powder mixing plant at East End Foods, based in West Bromwich.

East End Foods is an industry-leading supplier of Asian produce to both independent Asian grocery shops and major supermarkets, as well as the catering industry.

In line with regulation regarding controlling airborne contaminants (HSG258), the LEV system was due for an examination. LEV systems must be tested at least once every 14 months; if this is not adhered to, LEV operators could inhale contaminants which could have serious consequences for their health.

To remain operational, a LEV system must pass a qualitative and quantitative examination to be cleared for use.  All Ductbusters LEV testing is carried out by BOHS P601 approved ductwork examiners – once the examination is complete, finding are compiled into a LEV TEXT report.

Once complete, we advise that the recommendations and advisories are resolved depending on urgency – we use a simple traffic light system to highlight this. Red indicates that immediate action needs to be taken, amber indicates that action should be scheduled, and green suggests that action should be considered in the future.Vantage Industrial Equipment Ltd Logo

To ensure the safe running of the system, it’s advised that all red and amber recommendations are actioned as soon as possible to protect those operating LEV machinery in the workplace.

East End Foods will be working in conjunction with Vantage Industrial Equipment to resolve any highlighted issues to protect their workforce. We very much look forward to working on potential projects alongside Vantage Industrial Equipment in the future.

For enquires or further guidance on LEV testing, please visit the LEV service section of our website, or contact us here.

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