LEV Testing at London Schools: A Case Study

Recently Ductbusters were contacted by a leading food services and facilities management firm. The firm in question needed Ductbusters to carry out an LEV test on their behalf in two London schools.

All modern schools are required by law to have LEV systems installed in order to control and remove harmful contaminants created in the process of woodwork, brazing and welding.

In order to ensure these systems operate correctly and safely businesses are bound by HSG 258 guidance to carry out a thorough examination and testing of their LEV systems by a ‘competent individual’ every 14 months. Said competent individuals must be qualified to BOHS P601. These individuals use a variety of qualitative and quantitative measures to accurately attain the status of the LEV system in question.

Following a test, the appointed surveyor produces a TExT report which describes the condition of the LEV system and outlines any changes which need to be made to ensure that the system remains operational. Any recommendations for changes made in the TExT report must be acted on by law in order to avoid prosecution, thus an LEV test is a vital part of keeping environments safe and ensuring continued business operation.

Once the report is issued by Ductbusters it is then the client’s responsibility to ensure that the changes are actioned appropriately. Recommendations for change are made on a traffic light system of red, amber and green. Red changes must be made as soon as possible, amber requires action to be scheduled and green indicates that action will need to be considered soon.

This particular round of LEV testing, being in a school environment, posed its own challenges. While our appointed surveyor was there to conduct a test, it was also necessary not to disturb the day-to-day routine of the classroom. In this case our surveyor was able to work productively with the school’s Planning & Compliance Co-Ordinator, forming a working relationship which benefited both parties.

This is a brilliant example of the importance of LEV testing that expands beyond the usual realms of business and into the world of child safety. The LEV testing conducted by Ductbusters at the two London schools in question will help ensure the continued safe operation of their LEV systems, safeguarding children as they develop important skills.

For more information about our thorough LEV examination and testing service, please visit our website – https://ductbusters.co.uk/services/lev-testing/

If you have any concerns regarding the safety and functionality of your LEV systems, be sure to get in touch by calling us on 0800 085 0403. Our qualified staff can help you maintain legal standards and keep your employees and students safe from harmful contaminants.

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