London Road Community Hospital: A Case Study

Earlier this year, Ductbusters paid a visit to our long-term client, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The Trust has a 3-year contract with Ductbusters to cover the maintenance of their air handling unit (AHU) and for fire damper testing. The particular site in question on this occasion was London Road Community Hospital.

We make quarterly visits to maintain their AHU and annual visits to conduct fire damper testing.

Following this most recent visit to test the fire dampers at London Road Community Hospital, Ductbusters were able to issue a comprehensive report, outlining any issues and subsequently conduct remedial work, repairing or replacing damaged dampers as necessary.

This kind of regular maintenance and testing is vital in a healthcare environment due to the substantial requirements of the systems in question and their importance. Without proper maintenance, damper systems are unable to stop the rapid progress of fire throughout a site should one occur.

Therefore, a regular contract such as the one we have with the Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust forms the ideal solution, ensuring that testing is conducted frequently enough to effectively maintain these systems.

“Having worked with Ductbusters for over 5 years at this hospital, I am more than happy to recommend the company for the services they undertake.  They offer a professional maintenance and repair service, technical advice and specialist knowledge that ensures this site is kept in a compliant condition.” Says Charles Harrison, Operations Manager for London Road Community Hospital.


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