Musgrove Park Hospital: Case Study

Musgrove Park Hospital is a large hospital that serves the Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust. With more than 340,000 patients treated each year, and over 4000 staff on site, the hospital is central to providing healthcare and employment to many in the community.

Ductbusters are pleased to have been chosen as the most suitable provider for Musgrove Park Hospital, having gone through a tender process to win the contract. Our highly qualified and on-site trained engineers coupled with our fair pricing helped us stand out from the competition and secure the contract.

Air quality is essential for patient health when in hospital. 

The hospital has been going through a large period of building redevelopments, both to existing buildings and the construction of new ones, since 1989. The three buildings that Ductbusters are contracted for work on are the Jubilee, Duchess and Queen’s buildings. Between them, these three buildings host a large majority of the hospital services, including A&E, orthopaedics, outpatients, medical support and care for elderly wards, and several highly specialised gastrointestinal services, to name just some of their functions.

When buildings such as hospitals require ductwork and fire damper maintenance, they must use a provider who is certified to work with NHS organisations. Ductbusters are proud to be the top choice for many NHS trusts throughout the country, and have many years of experience working in hospitals to the exacting requirements demanded for patient and visitor health.

At Musgrove Park Hospital, we have been working with the trust for over three years to carry out a number of different works. We have carried out extensive fire damper testing throughout the three buildings, as well as fire damper remedial works. Remedial works usually include fixing fire damper links (to ensure the fire dampers can close effectively in the event of a fire), and fixing any dampers that don’t open or close properly. In addition, we’ve also carried out ductwork remedial work, such as fitting access doors to ductwork, and are on hand to provide any ductwork cleaning services that may arise in the future.

Carrying out testing and remedial works such as these ensures that the hospital is fully prepared in the event of a fire, as well as meeting industry standards when it comes to health and safety.

Ductbusters can help your buildings and work premises stay clean, healthy and safe with our range of services. Please visit our website for more information:

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