National Clean Air Day 2019

The 20th of June this year will mark National Clean Air Day 2019. This national day is coordinated by Global Action Plan and is geared towards raising awareness of air pollution, the effects that it has on us and our environment and how we can reduce it.

As a leading ventilation and ductwork cleaning company, this awareness day is of great importance to us, as a company that strives to improve the air we breathe within the workplace.Photograph of clear sky and hot air balloons

Air pollution has a whole host of unsettling effects on human health, particularly that of children. Here are just a number of extreme effects air pollution can cause:

  • Air pollution increases the risk of lung cancer, with 1 in 13 cases being linked to air pollution.
  • Continued exposure to air pollution is detrimental to the health of human heat and blood vessels.
  • It can increase the risk of bladder cancer.
  • Air pollution increases the risk of death from cardiac and respiratory causes – this is especially prevalent amongst those with pre-existing conditions such as asthma.
  • An increased risk of Type 2 Diabetes can be caused by air pollution.
  • NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), a common pollutant, causes symptoms such as coughs and phlegm in adults.
  • Is your business premises located near a busy road? Diesel fumes have been recently reclassified by the World Health Organisation to be just as carcinogenic as tobacco smoke.
  • Air pollution is linked to 36,000 premature deaths in the UK every year.

Not only does air pollution carry a host of nasty health issues, it also costs us (literally). Air pollution costs the UK £20 million a year and the world as a whole (US) $225 billion a year.

There are numerous things you can do within your workplace to reduce indoor air pollution, however:

  • Open your windows or turn on your extractor when cooking or using cleaning chemicals.
  • Regularly service your boiler – a faulty boiler can produce Carbon Monoxide which is toxic to life.
  • When cleaning, aim to keep dust levels low, use environmentally friendly cleaners and avoid aerosols.
  • Keep energy and water consumption to a minimum.
  • Use environmentally friendly energy providers.
  • Ensure your home or workplace ventilation systems are clean and fully functioning.


At Ductbusters, we want you and your workforce to feel safe in the knowledge that the air in your environment is clean and non-harmful.

One of the main ways of ensuring this is being certain that your ventilation system is working at full capacity – if you have any concerns, take a look at our comprehensive range of services by exploring our website on or telephoning us on 0800 085 0403.

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