Ductbusters – your guarantee of cleaner air

At Ductbusters we offer a wide range of services to help improve the quality of indoor air within your establishment.

At the forefront of this range is ductwork cleaning which removes accumulated debris from the internal surfaces of both rectangular, round and oval ductwork systems. If left unattended these systems will transmit dust particulate and bacteria which can be unsightly and pose a health hazard.

Air handling unit maintenance is a natural progression from ductwork cleaning. If this equipment is in bad repair it will be contributing to the levels of debris found in the ductwork.
Kitchen extract cleaning is essential and a legal requirement for all catering outlets to conduct in attempting to alleviate fire risk in their premises. Insurers will often ask for a “certificate of cleanliness” and may refuse cover if one cannot be produced by an accredited extract cleaning company.

Risk assessments provide vital information on the internal condition of any ventilation system. Many organisation find these reports to be essential in deciding priorities and obtaining funding to conduct cleaning/refurbishment projects.

Special projects involves such things as fire damper drop testing, ductwork repairs, ductwork removal, contaminated duct washing, filter replacement, duct lagging along with control damper removal and installation.

Any one or a combination of these services will deliver your ventilation system as “fit for purpose” having been given the special care and attention only Ductbusters can provide.

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