Ductwork Cleaning

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Ductwork in all shapes and sizes is used to ventilate and condition numerous types of premises such as hospitals, offices, cinemas, kitchens and museums. Almost always the ductwork is hidden from view and the accumulation of debris is not apparent. If left this debris may propagate unwanted allergens or provide a breeding/feeding ground for insects and vermin. This can seriously effect staff productivity and pose a health risk to visitors and customers.

To address these problems access must be gained to the system. Even though current ductwork specifications, DW 144, call for access doors at pre-determined locations and distances it is likely that additional doors will be required to clean the ductwork to H.V.C.A. TR19, HTM03-1 & C.I.B.S.E. TM26 standards. Once access is gained a variety of techniques can be used to dislodge debris from the internal surfaces of the ductwork prior to vacuum removal. Most common, in ductwork up to 800mm diameter, is the rotary brush system, which can be worked at long distances and orientated around bends. This reduces access door requirements to a minimum. Other systems such as compressed air “rattlesnake” nozzle and manual hand cleaning are used dependant on application. The vacuum removal system features a three-stage filtration system, which prevents the collected dust being re-circulated into the working area. Where clinical hygiene standards are needed i.e. hospital operating theatres, the internal surfaces of the ductwork can be sterilized permitting microbiological checks to be conducted to establish the precise level of cleanliness.

Our team of experienced surveyors can accurately quote for any given project by way of a free site survey. Alternatively drawings can be sent by post or email so that a linear meterage can be established. Our “in house” plotting capability of emailed drawings helps speed up the quotation process for those requiring an urgent price.

Case history


A large acute hospital had extensive ductwork runs in all areas which needed attention. Many of these were in occupied areas which posed difficulties with regard to access. Regular consultation with nursing staff ensured that the agreed work programme was met much to the relief of patients and estates personnel.

A hospital representative commented “I would like to congratulate Ductbusters on providing the hospital with two of the most professional operatives that have ever attended this site. Your guys worked within a patient led environment and their manners and professional approach has been noted by numerous staff members.”

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