Free Site Survey

At Ductbusters we strongly believe that the only way to fully understand a potential project is to arrange for one of our experienced Surveyors to visit site so that all aspects of the project can be taken into consideration.

These aspects would include the size and length of the ductwork system under consideration, how easy the system is to work on, or what special arrangements and equipment are needed if access is difficult or restricted.

We would also discuss what working times would cause the least disruption and the elements to be covered in the compilation of the method statement and risk assessment along with the cleaning standard required i.e. B&ES TR19, CIBSE TM26 or HTM 03-1.

The Site Survey is offered completely “Free Of Charge” so that potential clients can get an accurate quotation for the work involved. Please use any of the contact methods highlighted on this website to request one of our Surveying team to visit your site.

In the event of the building being under construction with no ductwork being installed at that particular time we are able to offer a quotation by way OF examining drawings. These would preferably be detailed ductwork drawings, not schematics so that we can gauge the linear meterage.

We have an “in-house” CAD facility and can accept drawing files by email saving you the time and trouble of printing them off yourself. Should the drawings not be available in this manner we are happy to receive postal enquiries which will receive the same urgent attention.

Either way you can be assured of an accurate prices unless crucial information is missing. In this case we are happy to submit “Budget” quotations subject to site survey or receipt of further details.

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