Specialist Ventilation Systems in Hospitals: How clean is your hospital?

Cleanliness and sterility is a major factor in any environment where many people frequent on a daily basis – the risk of bacterial and viral diseases being transmitted through close contact is high. Hospitals – in particular – remain under intense scrutiny by the government (and consequently the media) to adhere to strict regulatory standards to ensure the safety and comfort of patients, visitors and staff.

Compliance with industry standards

One crucial facet of hygiene in hospitals is the use of specialist ventilation systems which comply with either the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA TR19) or Health Technical Memorandum (HTM 03-01) or the Infection Control standard of  HBN 00-09, ensuring that particulate, bacterial and infection levels are kept beneath acceptable levels.

To safeguard and protect patients, staff and visitors – well-maintained and compliant ventilation systems carry out a number of functions that serve to benefit hospital environments:

  • Safeguarding of patients, visitors and staff from contamination and illness – Hospitals are intended to care for infectious individuals. Therefore it is vital to filter contaminated air efficiently.
  • Preserving air quality – Efficiently controlling temperature and air quality within hospital environments is key to keeping patients, visitors and staff safe. Ventilation systems within hospitals will have been planned with patient care as the central principal and will take into deliberation the control of the different temperature requirements of numerous areas of the hospital, as well as the critical need to confine movement of airborne pollutants.
  • Protection of vulnerable patients from contamination by others – Patients affected by some diseases and ailments can cause immunodeficiency (cancer, HIV amongst others) – along with patients who are taking immune system suppressive drugs following operations (transplants) are at risk, along with more senior patients and infants/children. The supply of clean, uncontaminated air is paramount to their recovery.
  • Extraction/filtration of contaminated air – As well as bacterial infections such as MRSA or tuberculosis, and viral infections such as flu/norovirus, different variants of moulds can be similarly destructive if brought into contact with patients particularly if the patients are undergoing immune-system effective therapies or treatments.

 Importance of maintaining and cleaning ducts

To thoroughly clean ventilation systems in a hospital setting, a specialist cleaning company such as Ductbusters should be enlisted in order to ensure high standards are met:

Working with an approved business to cleanse the duct system regularly is vital to preserve and safeguard patient wellbeing. The ducts should not only be cleaned – a strict process should be followed to ensure the contaminants that have built up within the ducts do not escape during the cleaning practice. This is exceedingly important where patients are present.

Safe temperature regulation

During the winter period, patients and staff will be more inclined to keep the windows of a hospital closed to preserve the heat and regulate temperatures. Naturally, this increases the risk of cross contamination between patients as there is limited supply of fresh air and more dependence on ventilation systems to recycle clean air.

Though it’s essential to cleanse growth of bacteria and encourage fresh air circulation, it is equally fundamental that this process is executed in a way which protects from any risk and shields those present. Hence why only qualified individuals should undertake ventilation and duct maintenance in hospital settings.

The Ductbusters team lead from the front with reliable cleaning services for ventilation systems that are crucial for healthcare establishments; our cleaning specifications importantly meet HTM 03-1 and BESA TR19 standards. We work with many of the NHS Primary Care Trusts and are regarded as the trusted supplier for reliable duct and ventilation cleaning in the UK.

Call the team today on 0800 085 0403 for a FREE condition check from experts who truly understand the challenges that hospitals face when attempting to tackle the issue of ventilation. We provide ventilation risk assessments, whereby samples can be sent to our laboratory for bacteria analysis.

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