Staggering New Study into Indoor Air Quality

It has recently been revealed that some 72% of Brits know little or nothing about the subject of indoor air quality or its potentially dangerous effects.

The figure was discovered after the release of a study commissioned by a major environmental services company. Indoor air quality is essential to maintaining good health and has been found to be eight times more dangerous than outdoor air if it is of poor quality.

Indoor air that is of poor quality can contain a wide variety of potentially dangerous pollutants including dust, particulates and harmful gasses. Those at particular risk from these are the young, the elderly and those with pre-existing respiratory conditions.

Given that most people spend the majority of their time indoors, the importance of breathing clean air is made all the more prevalent.

The services company conducts audits of hundreds of buildings each year and have found that some 80% of these require some form of remedial action with regards to indoor air quality.

It is being stressed in the wake of the report that the current government guidelines surrounding indoor air are fragmented, ineffective and poorly enforced. It will require a serious change at a governmental level to ensure that changes are made.

Perhaps more crucial even than governmental change is the issue of public awareness. It’s vital that people are aware of the dangers of breathing polluted indoor air and take action to remedy their buildings’ ventilation systems where necessary.

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