Student accommodation – Bathroom & Kitchen Extract Ventilation cleaning

Ventilation systems are an important part in many types of accommodation but in student accommodation, where there may be lots of people living in one place, it becomes even more essential.

Kitchens and bathrooms are difficult rooms to maintain to a healthy and hygienic standard because they are filled with heat, damp and steam, an unholy trio which can cause all kinds of problems.

Extract ventilation systems can help minimise the negative impact on the property by removing unwanted contaminants and whisking them away. However, if your ventilation system isn’t working as it should, you won’t be able to rely on it to protect your accommodation.


Bathroom vent fans serve an important function in your home by removing excess humidity, which can cause mould and mildew to form. To make sure your fans are in good working order, clean and test them every six months.
A good extract ventilation system will help to get rid of the steam and remove the moisture from the air, but there’s a limit to what it can do if it’s not working at its full potential.

If you notice that mould spots or mildew are starting to creep along the walls, it may be a good indicator that your ventilation system needs a bit of TLC.

Clogged caps or build-up of bacteria within the ducts can result in a fan which is noisy, and inefficient. This build-up of bacteria can be extremely harmful to health and in places which serves many people, such as student accommodation, it can very quickly spread.

Here are four easy steps on how to clean your bathroom vent:

1. Turn off the power, before cleaning your vent
2. Carefully remove the grill of the vent, most vents have a pull-down cover that allows you to have easy access to the vent
3. Using a vacuum remove any dirt and debris that is inside the vent, being careful not to damage the fan
4. Carefully place the grill back on the vent, and turn the power back on. Grab a large piece of tissue and place it near the vent, if the fan is working properly the tissue will be drawn to the fan cover.

The Kitchen

Regardless of whether you’re cooking up a banquet or existing on a typical student’s diet, the kitchen is one area where there can be a lot of odours and heat. This means that the extract ventilation system must work hard to keep the room in a good condition.

A kitchen extractor fan will get rid of any smell, grease and fumes in the room and expel it into the outside air. While effective, this device can quickly become clogged with all the grease and grime in your kitchen. This means that you will need to clean it to get rid of the dirt. There are several different ways that you can clean the kitchen extractor fan, which will also improve its efficiency.

It may not be obvious when the system is becoming clogged or dirty, but there are some signs you can look out for. These include a fan which sounds noisier than normal, or an inefficient system, with smells and steam not being properly eradicated as you would expect.

Here are six easy steps on how to clean your extractor fan:

1. Switch off the power, Unscrew the extractor fan vent from the outside and inside of your wall taking both halves down from the wall.
2. The fan is normally attached to the inside of the extractor fan, if possible unclip and/or unscrew the fan so you can remove it from the inside of the extractor. If you are unable to remove the fan be extremely when you come to washing the fan.
3. The fan housing can be cleaned using warm soapy water If you were unable to remove the fan never submerge it this underwater, use as little water as possible on the fan.
4. Fan blades also get mucky, using a damp cloth carefully clean the blades remembering not to damage the blades and be are of water getting inside the motor this is something you need to avoid.
5. Use a vacuum to clean out any leftover dirt and debris left in the ductwork.
6. Once you have finished cleaning, start to reassemble everything back together the fan needs to be put back in the same way you took it out to ensure everything starts working properly.

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