Student accommodation – Bathroom & Kitchen Extract Ventilation cleaning

Ventilation systems are an important part in many types of accommodation but in student accommodation where they may be lots of people living in one place it becomes even more essential.

Kitchens and bathrooms are difficult rooms to maintain to a healthy and hygienic standard because they are filled with heat, damp and steam, an unholy trio which can cause all kinds of problems.

Extract ventilation systems can help minimise the negative impact on the property by removing unwanted contaminants and whisking them away. However, if your ventilation system isn’t working as it should, you won’t be able to rely on it to protect your accommodation.

Here’s what you should know about bathroom and kitchen extract ventilation cleaning in student accommodation.


If there are multiple individuals living in one property, or even greater numbers in areas such as student halls, the bathroom area is likely to be extremely busy.

Mould build-ups are incredibly bad for health

Unlike in a normal household, there could be a constant stream of visitors to the bathroom, with far more showers and baths keeping the room damp and steamy.

A good extract ventilation system will help to get rid of the steam and remove the moisture from the air, but there’s a limit to what it can do if it’s not working at its full potential.

In order to keep your bathroom free of mildew and mould, you’ll need to take good care of the ventilation system. If you notice that mould spots or mildew are starting to creep along the walls, it may be a good indicator that your ventilation system needs a bit of TLC.

Clogged caps or buildup of bacteria within the ducts can result in a fan which is noisy, and inefficient. This buildup of bacteria can be extremely harmful to health and in places which serves many people, such as student accommodation, it can very quickly spread.

The kitchen

Regardless of whether you’re cooking up a banquet or existing on a typical student’s diet, the kitchen is one area where there can be a lot of odours and heat. This means that the extract ventilation system has to work really hard to keep the room in a good condition.

Kitchen ventilation such as with a vent hood is a great idea 

It may not be obvious when the system is becoming clogged or dirty, but there are some signs you can look out for. These include a fan which sounds noisier than normal, or an inefficient system, with smells and steam not being properly eradicated as you would expect.

Although it’s relatively easy to clean the fan, the whole ventilation system should also be cleaned periodically. This is to get rid of any buildup of bacteria or blockages within the ductwork.

The other factor which is particularly relevant to kitchens is the possibility of combustible materials finding its way into the ventilation system. This increases the risk of fire if the system is not regularly cleaned out. And in student accommodation this could be especially critical, with kitchens potentially being used during the night as well as during the day, making the risk of a fire occurring while everyone is asleep a very real risk.


The good news is that by using a professional duct cleaning company, it’s very easy to ensure that kitchen and bathroom extract ventilation systems in student accommodation stays in good condition and free of any blockages. This helps to protect the health of all who live there as well as eliminating potential hazards such as fires and bacterial growth.

There’s no universal recommendation for the frequency in which you should get your bathroom and kitchen ventilation systems cleaned, but generally the heavier the usage, the more regularly this should be done. This is particularly the case for properties such as student accommodation where there will be multiple people using the facilities.


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