The Place Café – A Case Study

The Place Café is situated in Camden, London, at The Place; London’s creative powerhouse for dance development. The Place is home to the London Contemporary Dance School, the Richard the place london ductbutersAlston Dance Company, an extensive theatre and artist development programme, education projects, a range of classes and courses and a nationwide touring model.

Ductbusters has been responsible for the cleaning of the Café’s kitchen extract for over five years on behalf of Claremore Mechanical Services Limited.

The Café itself serves a selection of fresh coffee and tea, as well as a variety of sandwiches, light snacks and hot food. In addition, they host larger events, putting additional strain on their kitchen environment.

Ductbusters were recently requested to conduct one of our annual cleaning visits, ensuring that their extract was clean and functional.

The building which hosts The Place and its Café was built in the 1880s by Sir Robert William Edis and is a grand statement of Victorian architecture.

The building was originally designed and constructed as a drill hall for the Artists Rifles military regiment, of which Edis was the commanding officer.

At Ductbusters, we specialise in the maintenance and cleaning of all varieties of ductwork and extracts, from small-scale kitchens to industrial environments, even within specialised or historical environments.

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