UV Lighting in Ductwork

UV lighting is an increasing popular option for a variety of businesses and organisations. The need to reduce potentially unhealthy organisms being transmitted through the air, as well as to reduce maintenance and power costs on ventilation systems, have led to a huge growth in UV lighting being installed inside ventilation systems.

Below, we will answer some common questions about UV lighting and ventilation systems, allowing you to make a decision on whether it could be a good fit for you and your home or business.

How does UV lighting in ductwork work?

Ultraviolet lighting is used in a variety of contexts already for sterilisation, such as in hospitals and drug manufacturing laboratories. UV light is used on both surfaces and air, and can help kill a variety of organisms, from germs, moulds, and viruses, that are often airborne and found in the air around your home or business. Installing UV lighting in ductwork helps ensure healthy, clean air is passed through by your ventilation system.

Do ventilation systems often have a problem with harmful organisms?

Many parts of ventilation systems can be prime breeding grounds for unwanted viruses, moulds and germs. Filters are put in place to attempt to restrict the flow of these organisms, but they can grow within the air conditioning system itself, posing further problems. The addition of UV light to filters helps to kill the organisms too, rendering the air much safer than it would be through sole use of a filter.

How will UV light help protect my ventilation system?

The areas of your ventilation system most likely to be a source for bacteria, mould and other organisms will first be identified by our surveyors. We will grant you a free quote for any work that you may choose to have done. Our engineers will then install special UV lighting onto the vulnerable parts of your air conditioning system, which will target and destroy or deactivate any harmful micro-organisms.

What benefits will I gain from having UV lighting in my ventilation system?

As well as providing far cleaner air around your home or business, the installation of UV lighting will also protect your ventilation system from giving off unpleasant odours. In addition, the maintenance costs of your system can also be greatly reduced, as the system stays cleaner overall. When the unit is functioning better due to being cleaner, it will cost far less to run. In short, as well as having cleaner, purer and healthier air, you can also save money in the long run on maintenance and power costs.

How do I know if I need UV lighting in my ventilation system?

While anybody can save money in the long run by using UV lighting in their ventilation systems, businesses with a particular need for hygiene and cleanliness can benefit even more, since the health and safety laws over clean air can be stricter. As well as the earlier examples of medical facilities, factories producing food in kitchens are also prime candidates for UV lighting, or any other business which is required to constantly check its ventilation systems for any potential hazards.

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