Ventilation cleaning in specialised Healthcare

Hygiene and cleanliness is important in any environment, but within a healthcare setting it takes on a particularly important meaning.

Hospitals and clinics rely on ventilation systems to keep the temperature at the right level but this means that regular cleaning needs to be carried out in order to prevent any contamination.

Here’s a look at ventilation cleaning within a specialist healthcare setting and just why it’s so important.  

The role of ventilation and extraction systems

Ventilation and extraction systems are useful in a great number of environments, both domestic and public, as they eliminate unwanted elements from circulating.

Dust, steam, smoke, heat and odours can all be whisked away with a ventilation system, with warm air or cool air circulated as desired.

Ducts should be cleaned as often as possible

This helps the general ambience and also reduces the humidity, cutting down the chances of mould and mildew developing. Both of these are not just unpleasant to look at and harmful to the structure of the building, they can also be damaging to an individual’s health. For those with compromised respiratory systems in particular, any kind of mould spores can make breathing problems much worse.

This is why ventilation systems play an integral role not just in making the atmosphere more comfortable, but also helping to protect the health of those present from the risks posed by mould and mildew growth.

Potential problems

Although ventilation systems are absolutely essential to keep those in a healthcare setting comfortable and also protect them from mould growth, if it’s not taken care of properly it could end up jeopardising their health too.

As humidity and particles are removed from the air and expelled externally, the ducts can gradually become full of debris and clogged up. This allows the growth of bacteria, and if not dispelled, this bacterial growth can spread around the building via the ventilation system which is supposed to be protective.

Hospitals can be breeding grounds for infections such as MRSA and C Dif, so it’s imperative that everything possible is done to prevent the growth and spread of any harmful bacteria. The individuals in the setting will be vulnerable, with many having compromised immune systems so bacterial growth which is circulated through the air could be particularly virulent.

C Dif and other harmful bacteria are airborne and can be prevented through ventilation 

Simply changing the filters isn’t sufficient to get rid of this bacterial growth; a proper clean of the ducts and the ventilation system is necessary in order to eliminate it properly.

Cleaning the ventilation system

In order to clean the ventilation system in a healthcare setting, it’s necessary to utilise the services of a specialist cleaning company who have the right equipment to get the job done.

Getting into the duct system to get rid of bacteria quickly, efficiently and effectively is important in order to protect the wellbeing of the patients. But it’s not sufficient to simply get rid of the dust and grime in the ventilation system; in a healthcare setting care must be taken to ensure than the particles don’t escape and contaminate the atmosphere in the process. This is particularly important in areas where the ventilation cleaning is being carried out while patients are present on the ward. In a healthcare setting it’s not always possible to close the ward in order for the cleaning to be carried out.

This is why only experienced and suitably qualified individuals should tackle duct and ventilation cleaning in a healthcare setting. Although it’s essential to get rid of bacterial growth and promote a healthy circulation, it’s equally important that the process is carried out in a way which mitigates any risk and protects those present.


Healthcare settings are particularly sensitive yet mustn’t omit the required cleaning on their ventilation systems. Experienced duct and ventilation companies can clean the systems while simultaneously making sure than the area isn’t contaminated during the process.


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