Why Kitchen Extraction Cleaning is Important

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What is a commercial cleaning company?

Commercial cleaning is a productive approach to cleanliness. Commercial cleaners provide cleaning services to businesses such as:

  • Bars
  • Factories
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Shops

You must keep your workplace clean for both employees and customers.

Why? Because a clean workplace can improve the efficiency of your business.

Do you want to improve the hygiene in your workplace? A commercial cleaning company can help.

If you own a public premise, it is even more essential you keep clean. Some examples of public premises include hotels and restaurants.

Furthermore, at Ductbusters, we offer many commercial cleaning services. One example of our services is kitchen extraction cleaning.


Kitchen Extraction Commercial Cleaning Company?

You must make sure that the extraction system in your kitchen is safe and clean. Kitchen extraction cleaning is very important.

Why? You may ask. Because, if you fail to clean your extraction system regularly, it will quickly get clogged up by fats, grease and oil. You can bet on that.

Worst-case scenario, an unclean extraction system could even cause a fire hazard in the kitchen. Here’s how it could happen:

Say, you didn’t clean the extraction fan in your kitchen for several months. We all know what would happen. Over time, dirt, grease and oil would clog up on the surface of the fan filter. Right?

Now imagine what would happen if you exposed that dirty fan filter to a fire hazard.

What would happen if you exposed it to a fiery spark from a cooking pan, for example, or to billows of hot ash? A fire would, of course, quickly spread.


The Fire Hazards of Unclean Extraction Systems

If that wasn’t bad enough, there is another way that unclean extraction systems could ignite a fire in your kitchen:

Here’s the thing, no fan filter can completely fend off smoke; use any fan filter for long enough, and it will get covered in oily, flammable dust.

If a fiery substance were to make contact with a dust-covered fan filter, a fire would be sure to spread. To make things worse, fires that start this way are hard to detect, let alone stop.

We’ll conclude this article with the same words we began it with:

You must make sure that the extraction system in your kitchen is safe and clean.

You may only need to clean your extraction system as little as once every six months. Or perhaps it may be once every three months or even several times per year. No matter how many times you have to clean your extraction system, the ensured safety you receive will always be worth the effort.

Properly maintaining the extraction system in your kitchen will help you to make your kitchen a safer environment to work and cook in.


How we can help you

Here at Ductbusters, we supply our clients with efficient, practical solutions to help them improve the quality of indoor air within their establishment.

Want to discover the innovative services we offer? You can read a summary about who we are and what we do here.

Want to find out more about how our ductwork cleaning services can help you to revamp your extraction systems? Want to learn about our kitchen extraction cleaning services? Feel free to contact us today to get your professional cleaning quote.

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