Wyre Forest Leisure Centre – A Case Study

Amongst a host of other specialised services, Ductbusters regularly undertakes the testing of life-saving fire dampening equipment within ductwork. These systems prevent the spread of fire through ducting in the event of an outbreak, protecting lives and property.

One of our long-standing clients, Places for People Leisure Ltd., recently contacted Ductbusters with regard to the Wyre Forest Leisure Centre in Kidderminster, near Ductbusters’ operational home. Places for People Leisure operates the Leisure Centre in conjunction with Wyre Forest District Council and is a company for which Ductbusters has been trusted to undertake vital work for some time throughout the UK.

The Wyre Forest Leisure Centre has in place a system of fire dampers to ensure the safety of visitors, staff and the Centre itself in the event of a fire. These dampers can become damaged and ineffective if proper testing and maintenance are not conducted on a regular basis.

Given our working relationship with Places for People Leisure, Ductbusters was requested to undertake the necessary work to ensure the operational legitimacy of the dampers.

With testing now complete and functionality of the dampers confirmed, the Centre is able to assure the continued safety of its premises and guarantee compliance with relevant legislation.


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